Old projects lying around

So I did a little digging around my place and it turns out that I have some things to put on my blog. These things are not the most gorgeous things I have made but still it’s something 🙂


Hat, mittens and a chunky scarf for my daughter I made for this school year.


Shawls made with yarn scraps:


… and some other stuff…



I started thinking

So on my blog I say that I don’t have much to show for but then I started thinking, I actually do have some things I have knitted lying around my apartment, both things I have knitted for myself and for my daughter. I might even find things at my boyfriends house and at my parents. Mostly these things are old and worn I am however tempted to photograph these things and put them on my blog as it is meant to be a sort of a testimony of my knitting, mostly for myself off course but if I manage to inspire another knitter or two it would make me very happy 🙂