Good news and new mittens

Oh guess what!! Three weeks after I had sent my jumper of to England to Philippa, the lovely English B&B keeper, she sent me a post telling me that my jumper had finally just arrived!!! Everyone very happy and relieved that all worked out me specially, but still a bit confused as to why and how it took so long get there, but now about my mittens…

So I started knitting those mittens awhile ago, but I am having trouble with them because I find the size a bit odd. I least when I try it on myself. I have to admit that I have rather small hands but this is a little to much… and because I find the size weird I am not sure I can find the motivation to continue on with them, to bad, because it actually looks lovely…Featured imageFeatured image

…but I have another assignment I have to finish. My horse jumper for my niece, again I am having trouble. The pattern I am using is for teenagers but I wanted to make it a little bigger because although she is a teenager she is taller then me and not really the size of child, no more then my own teenager hahaha 🙂 Anyhoo, I am rambling…back to my troubles… –making the jumper bigger– Fine making the body bigger, but to make the sleeves match the pattern which is 22 stitches, that is, each horse makes 22 stitches ( you will understand what I am talking about once finished). Normally in Icelandic jumper, the ones I know how to make, the patterns are from 6 to 8 stitches witch is easy to fix, this how ever, not so much.. But we will see, I have only made like three attempts at it so I’ll keep you posted. I am not putting picture here of it right now cause ut just looks like big black cowl for now..


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