Ready! :)

Finally my daughters mittens are ready, I have not blocked them although I don’t think my daughter will wait for them to get dry and nice. She has been asking for them, clearly her poor hands are freezing because she is not one for complaining 🙂 Any way she’ll be cold no more!

vettlingar tilbúnir

This particular pattern is called Búrfell and can be found in a mitten-knitting book called Hlýjar hendur or ”Varm hands” by a woman named Ágústa Þóra Jónsdóttir. She has some really nice patterns in her book. She has a Ravelry page: You can find patterns for both children and adults.



My newest project are mittens for my daughter. Temperature is dropping now, the first official day of winter was last friday so its vital to have warm mittens on your hands and therefore I laid my partners Aran aside, just for a little while or until the mittens are ready 🙂




These mittens I made for my boyfriend’s sister, when she came to visit us from the US. The pattern I took from an old Icelandic embroidery pattern and put it on to my mittens. I want to make some alterations to it so it will be easier to knit. When I have done that I’ll put the pattern up here for everyone 🙂



I finished knitting this long cardigan this summer but did not take in to account that I am probably at least 30 cm shorter than the model and so my long cardigan Skjaldmey actually became extra long, like touching the ground and dragging it along, long 🙂 But luckily my 16 year old is quite taller then me so she can wear it. I am thinking about making myself another one, just one that does not sweep the floor as I walk along!

This pattern is from the Icelandic knitting magazine Lopi nr. 32. It can be found on their webpage: …along with some other nice desings, both new and some classic Icelandic ones.


Aran with Cables

Aran with Cables

So a long long time ago I started knitting an Aran with cables for my partner. You can see the beginning of it in Works In Progress. It was/is my design and since I had never knitted an Aran like that before I made few mistakes along the way. The biggest one was the neckline. I did not anticipate the fact that you have to stop, and do it backwards and forwards and decrease in order to get a proper round neckline. Instead I just knitted along and then finished. This is the outcome and as it did not fit properly because of the neckline I just wear it, it does not look as stupid on me as it did on him 🙂 I liked the cable work though even if the neckline faled.

But now I have started to knit a new one for my one and only, but using a recipe this time from garnstudio: Only I don’t do the moss-stitch, just regular stitches:)

aran with cables