Aran with Cables

So a long long time ago I started knitting an Aran with cables for my partner. You can see the beginning of it in Works In Progress. It was/is my design and since I had never knitted an Aran like that before I made few mistakes along the way. The biggest one was the neckline. I did not anticipate the fact that you have to stop, and do it backwards and forwards and decrease in order to get a proper round neckline. Instead I just knitted along and then finished. This is the outcome and as it did not fit properly because of the neckline I just wear it, it does not look as stupid on me as it did on him 🙂 I liked the cable work though even if the neckline faled.

But now I have started to knit a new one for my one and only, but using a recipe this time from garnstudio: Only I don’t do the moss-stitch, just regular stitches:)

aran with cables


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