I have not done much on the mitts, but since I promised to post the drawing of my birds once it was finished. Well here it is, I should perhaps put more work on the leaves but I don’t think I will be giving it to my uncle, simply because it accidentally looks like something that belongs in a children’s book rather then on one of my uncle walls 🙂 So I put my back in to it and did a kind of a painting, my mother likes that more than the drawing, I don’t blame her… but it is always risky to give art. Well if he does not like the painting or the colors in it I can always do something more to his liking.

I took a close up for you to see the texture of the paint. I know the quality of the photos are not so good, I really need a proper camera 🙂 It will be on top of my Christmas present list…The size is 50 cm X 100 cm.


4 thoughts on “Birds

  1. I love the drawing! But you are right, it looks like love birds from a children’s book. I would put it on my wall, but that’s me. I still like dolls. You can always give your father suspenders. That’s a manly gift, or cuff links.

  2. Thank you so much! Luckily me dad actually likes it and as it happens his birthday is coming up soon as well so I might just give it to him! 🙂 So perhaps you weren’t wrong after all! 🙂 I took a look at your blog, I had no idea that dolls could actually be so cool! 🙂

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