Christmas is coming…

In Iceland we have a word for someone who really loves Christmas. That word is ”Jólabarn”…translates as Christmaschild or to be a Christmaschild. That truly applies to me. Christmas in Iceland is the ultimate family holiday. And our traditions are a bit different but i will tell you more about Icelandic Christmas as it draws closer to my favorite holiday 🙂 But I don’t decorate until the first of december, just my one of my tradition, with one exception though, I make an advent  Christmasthingy (sorry don’t know the word for it) to mark the four Sundays before Christmas.


And here are some more winterpics, they are taken in an old cemetery in Reykjavík. My dog and I like to walk there. It has such lovely trees and its always just so peaceful there. I’ll even put in one of my pup 🙂

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine! 🙂


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