Happy Hollidays and Christmas presents

So its way past my blogging time, but I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! The reason for my late blogpost is that I have been busy. I was making Christmas presents! I am very happy with them. I am not very good with the sewing machine but luckily I had my mother to guide me through my sewing adventure. My idea has its roots in my dislike for plastic, well, I mean, I use things made with plastic, of course, like hairdryer, computer etc. But I recycle every plastic wrap and thing that comes along when going grocery shopping for instance. But do we need all this plastic? I don’t think so, so I made little bags for vegetable and fruits, instead of using plastic bags!

And then I made some grocery bags which I embroidered some little images on them. Hope you like them. I was pretty happy with the results:)



I made my first attempt at spinning this week, my boyfriend had given me this really lovely spindle when we where travelling up in north of Iceland, it’s handmade!  And I did not use just any ordinary fleece! I used my dogs hair, I was very exited to try it out. My dog is a Samoyed, you can see him there on one of the photos, and the fur on those dogs are not so unlike alpaca wool. It is double layered and the inner layer is so soft and that is what I used. My first attempt wasn’t really great ehehe, the thread I made has loads of bumps on it but I am sure I just need to practice and then I will get a better hang of it 🙂 I think my boyfriend is not less exited about this as I am because he keeps insisting on me knitting him a Samoyed sweater 🙂 Witch of course I am happy to do but it might just take while for me to get enough thread for a whole jumper 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on my spinning progress 🙂

As for now, the winter has hit us hard this year, you have seen some of my snowy pictures, well that’s nothing 🙂 We have had one storm after the other since those pictures were taken and I have not been able to use the car for a week, it is just trapped in the snow and if you were so lucky as to get the car out on the streets, it would just get stuck there. I can’t tell you how many people I have helped with their stuck cars this week. So I use the bus, which is much better, less stressful and less polluting for sure! 🙂