Happy Hollidays and Christmas presents

So its way past my blogging time, but I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! The reason for my late blogpost is that I have been busy. I was making Christmas presents! I am very happy with them. I am not very good with the sewing machine but luckily I had my mother to guide me through my sewing adventure. My idea has its roots in my dislike for plastic, well, I mean, I use things made with plastic, of course, like hairdryer, computer etc. But I recycle every plastic wrap and thing that comes along when going grocery shopping for instance. But do we need all this plastic? I don’t think so, so I made little bags for vegetable and fruits, instead of using plastic bags!

And then I made some grocery bags which I embroidered some little images on them. Hope you like them. I was pretty happy with the results:)


2 thoughts on “Happy Hollidays and Christmas presents

  1. It’s great that you recycle. I try to do it as much as I can myself, but plastic is not all that bad. It is a byproduct of gasoline production, so as long as there are cars, the plastic is a good thing. I walk every day about 5 km, and I see broken bottles along my way. They harm pets and and the wildlife. I’ve seen geese missing a foot or homeless guy’s dog bleeding profusely because of the broken glass.

  2. I see your point and it is just sad! But the fact is that little specks of plastics called microdebris are everywhere now, in the oceans and waters for instance, which has a profound affect on animals and wildlife and it just builds up in their bodies, they can’t digest it. And the hormones that the plastic contains is also not a good thing for our animal friends or us humans, and birds and sea creatures eat so much crap or get entangled in what we dispose of in to the waters and get killed by it as a result. Their stomach is sometimes just filled with things like soda bottle caps and other plastic remains. So I guess we humans have a lot of work trying to clean up after ourselves, whether it be plastic or any other sort of crap 🙂

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