Little progress

Yep very litle progress, but now I am going to do something about this and my goal is to have this jumper finished by the end of the week. I have finished the body, one third of one sleeve. I know there is a lot to be done but I have finished more in less time. And it will help that I am going to my knittingklub next Tuesday and there I intend to make some proper progress.

This jumper is for my friend Philippa in England. I promised her this jumper months ago and I feel really bad about not having finished it yet and so I don’t inted to charge her anything for it since she has had to wait for it for so long! I just don’t think it would not be fair. She has already purchased two of my jumpers and I want to maintain a good relationship with her and so I feel it is the right thing to do 🙂

Sorry there is no picture yet, it will come, it would not be all that exiting anyway it’s still just some black knitted stuff 🙂

I’ll put some pictures of some of my carving just to make the post a litle bit worth it for the eye 🙂

The box was a present for my daughter, my father made the box but I did the carving. My dad is really talented! The other is a picture frame, obviously, but the bird I drew and carved it in the frame. There is a picture of me and my daugher in there that I hold very dear.


New project…

…is now on my knitting needles. My partner and our pup are now on their way to the north part of the country to help out an old friend of ours at his farm. They are driving over there and I am anxious and worried about them because the roads here can be dangerous this time of year and the weather unpredictable. So the only thing I could do to calm my nerves and distract my mind was to knit, and so I started knitting. It is the beginning of an Icelandic jumper, a comission long over due. There really is nothing to show for but a bit of black knitted stuff…