The Holidays and … happy new year!

So the holidays are over. However this Christmas was wonderful and lovely with the perfect Christmas spirit, even if I didn’t spend it with my daughter at my parents house as usual. I guess that at some point, changes will occasionally happen, with or without your acceptance. These changes are not bad, just changes. They often help you see things differently, help you appreciate those around you, those who love you, even more. If that was even possible, you didn’t think it was but then it hits you and your heart grows one number bigger even. Changes like those often mark a milestone in ones life. In my case at least. Those moments you’ll always remember. Bitter sweet even, being so happy and yet longing, there is actually a word in Icelandic that the English is missing, that word is ‘söknuður’ a word that means missing somebody, longing for them and grieving that they are not there all in one little word, and yet I cannot describe it so I’ll stop here.But I wish you all a happy new year and I hope that your holidays were as good as mine 🙂