First Day of Summer!

Gleðilegt sumar! Is an Icelandic phrase said often this day all around Iceland. For this is the first day of summer in here. However it’s not very summery, ever, the first day of summer in Iceland. It is celebraited none the less because the summer is just around the corner. Children usually get small presents from their parents in the form of ball or a skipping rope. People also get a day of on this day.

We, my boyfriend and I, celebrated it by taking a nice walk in the forest with our dog, and afterwards I sat by the fire and knitted, very cozy but nothing like summer for it snowed the most of the day, luckely it didn’t stick just snowed and melted 🙂 Yebb and it’s a bit windy too…


I was finishing mittens on a three year old girl. One less thing I have to make on my knitting list that will be sent of to the States.

I have finished the scarf I was making. Here it is 🙂 I will put in the recipie for both the scarf and the tiny mittens. Next time. Little short of time, like always 🙂



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