The recipie for tiny mittens

Right, I wrote last time that I was going to put in the recipies for both the tiny mittens they would fit a three year old, and the scarf. Well first we’ll do to mittens, so here goes:

I used Kambgarn on knitting needles nr. 3 (3mm). Cast on 44 stiches on stocking needles. Knit one, purl one to make the cuffs for the mittens. Knit twelve rows like that. After the twelfth round you start the upperpart and pattern. Knit regularly but add three stiches somewhere along the way on the the first round. Knit two rounds after that. Then you start knitting the pattern, only knit two stiches before and after the pattern. In the main or background color in my case it was the white color. On the otherside I just did one white and one blue one white one blue and so on and then on the next round you do one blue one white one blue one white and so on, so it forms a sort of a chessboard kind of look :):



I got this patten from this book:


When you’ve knitted the pattern you start decreasing by knitting one then knit two together, knit the remaining nine stiches on that needle, knit the next nine on the next needle take two together and knit one. Repeat next two needles. Knit one round without decreasing. Knit one, knit two together knit the remaining eight stiches on the needele, knit eight stiches on next needle knit two together knit one. Repeat on the next two needles knit one row with out decreasing. Do this until you have six stiches left on each needle then decrease in every row untill you have two stiches on each needle. Then cast off. I hope its clear enough for you to follow otherwise I am open for any question 🙂


These haven’t been blocked as you can tell, yet I wanted to but them up while I remembered how I made them.


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