Oh just goes by so fast…

…and its been five months, I have totally neglected my blog. But same as ever still knitting, always knitting, something 🙂 And now Christmas is getting closer and I need to start to think about making some presents. I always try to make my presents myself, that is just so much more fun.

But here is what I have been dooing. The first picture is a woolcoat for my daughter, she is tall and slender so it will suit her very well, I am short and… well let’s just say I am short hahaha… and would not pull something like this off as well as she would 🙂

It is from an Ístex.is book a traditional Icelandic jumper with a twist by Védís Hermannsdóttir will post another picture once it’s complete, it still needs the lists on the front and a neckline and pockets: http://istex.is/islenska/uppskriftir/vara/20484

Well of course the cat had to make himself comfortable and ask for some attention 😀

And then I just finished a scarf that will be going with all the other things I have knitted and posted in my last blog to the States: