Sunday afternoon

What do you after been outside walking the dog when it -8 degrees celcius? If you are lucky enough to have a woodburning stove, well, you get some fire burning, sit down with with a hot cup of tea and some kitting project and focus on getting some heat into your body…

…and that is just what I did. Now working on my daughters winter coat, I put a picture of it in here last weekend. Knitting the edges that are then sewn on after opening it up by cutting it with scissors. But first you sew where the pattern meets in a sewing machine. I struggled a bit with that, never been very good on the sewing machine. However I intend to mend that since my grandmother gave me hers. She celebrated her ninety-eth (I appologise for my spelling) birthday this spring, her mind is clear although her body just isn’t what it used to be, naturally, and therefore she gave me her sewing machine, takk amma mín! 🙂

I truly hope that your weekend has been as lovely as mine has been!

I don’t now if you can see it clearly but I will put in a photo when it is done.


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