Almost there

As most people know Christmas is coming and since I work in the retail business your personal time is scarce and pressious around this time. Longer hours means less time you have to knit, bake, clean the house, make Christmas presents and do all the things you think are important to do inorder to feel ok about the fact that Christmas is about to knock on the door of your unsually unprepared home. This Christmas I am pretty unprepared, I haven’t managed to do half of the things I wanted… but what the heck I am working like crazy and there is just no time…and so in stead of getting cross and grumpy over all the things I didn’t manage to finish I am going to relish in the things I did and put my trust in my lovely boyfriend to get me through this and the fact that my parents are coming over for Chrismas, that is my ultimate Christmaspresent and joy, I just can’t wait!

Well here are the things I finished:

An Old English fruitcake, sorry its difficult to see with the clingfilm…

Home made chocolate ummm…stuff 🙂 It has marshmallows, nuts, caramells and crystalizes ginger in it, pretty yummy and some beewax cloths to use instead of clingfilm (pretend thad my cake above is not wrapped in that stuff, we are very careful about recycling and so all the plastic we use goes the right way, all though no plastic is ofcourse the best! :))

I used jars that I owned and have collected to put the chocolates in and the beewax cloths are made from an old curtain I once made for my daughter’s room and just drew little pictures on them, the blue flowers in the back I painted when I made the curtains. It’s just plaine white cotton fabric.

wool jumper for a little three year old

I haven’t blocked it yet and sorry but there is no recipe for it. I used Álafosslopi for the white and double plötulopi fo pink mainly because I wanted the sleaves to be softer and a just tad thinner and easer to move in, I did intarsia to be able to put the sleaves in like that. I bought very cute wooden teddybear buttons, that I will put in when I have washed it. I made it a bit long so that she can whear it for few years as she grows, the sleaves will just become quarter sleaves, I made sure that they where not knitted to thightly.

And here is a boxfull of knitted things on its way to Texas USA 🙂

And to get you in to the holliday spitits a Christmastree and decorations