First snow of the year

The winter has come here in Iceland. It was – 13 degrees celcius this morning and that is just perferct to stay indoors and knit and eat chocolate and drink it too hahaha, but here are pictures of the view out of my windows and as you can see its pretty chilly…

And here you see my cup of hot cocoa and empty chocolate wrappings and very plain grey mittens on the needleds, knitted with léttlopi. I am knitting them for my boyfriend who needs them by the look of it 🙂 So I best continue and see if I can’t have them ready by the end of day… happy winter everyone! 😀


Oh just goes by so fast…

…and its been five months, I have totally neglected my blog. But same as ever still knitting, always knitting, something 🙂 And now Christmas is getting closer and I need to start to think about making some presents. I always try to make my presents myself, that is just so much more fun.

But here is what I have been dooing. The first picture is a woolcoat for my daughter, she is tall and slender so it will suit her very well, I am short and… well let’s just say I am short hahaha… and would not pull something like this off as well as she would 🙂

It is from an Í book a traditional Icelandic jumper with a twist by Védís Hermannsdóttir will post another picture once it’s complete, it still needs the lists on the front and a neckline and pockets:

Well of course the cat had to make himself comfortable and ask for some attention 😀

And then I just finished a scarf that will be going with all the other things I have knitted and posted in my last blog to the States:

The recipie for tiny mittens

Right, I wrote last time that I was going to put in the recipies for both the tiny mittens they would fit a three year old, and the scarf. Well first we’ll do to mittens, so here goes:

I used Kambgarn on knitting needles nr. 3 (3mm). Cast on 44 stiches on stocking needles. Knit one, purl one to make the cuffs for the mittens. Knit twelve rows like that. After the twelfth round you start the upperpart and pattern. Knit regularly but add three stiches somewhere along the way on the the first round. Knit two rounds after that. Then you start knitting the pattern, only knit two stiches before and after the pattern. In the main or background color in my case it was the white color. On the otherside I just did one white and one blue one white one blue and so on and then on the next round you do one blue one white one blue one white and so on, so it forms a sort of a chessboard kind of look :):



I got this patten from this book:


When you’ve knitted the pattern you start decreasing by knitting one then knit two together, knit the remaining nine stiches on that needle, knit the next nine on the next needle take two together and knit one. Repeat next two needles. Knit one round without decreasing. Knit one, knit two together knit the remaining eight stiches on the needele, knit eight stiches on next needle knit two together knit one. Repeat on the next two needles knit one row with out decreasing. Do this until you have six stiches left on each needle then decrease in every row untill you have two stiches on each needle. Then cast off. I hope its clear enough for you to follow otherwise I am open for any question 🙂


These haven’t been blocked as you can tell, yet I wanted to but them up while I remembered how I made them.

First Day of Summer!

Gleðilegt sumar! Is an Icelandic phrase said often this day all around Iceland. For this is the first day of summer in here. However it’s not very summery, ever, the first day of summer in Iceland. It is celebraited none the less because the summer is just around the corner. Children usually get small presents from their parents in the form of ball or a skipping rope. People also get a day of on this day.

We, my boyfriend and I, celebrated it by taking a nice walk in the forest with our dog, and afterwards I sat by the fire and knitted, very cozy but nothing like summer for it snowed the most of the day, luckely it didn’t stick just snowed and melted 🙂 Yebb and it’s a bit windy too…


I was finishing mittens on a three year old girl. One less thing I have to make on my knitting list that will be sent of to the States.

I have finished the scarf I was making. Here it is 🙂 I will put in the recipie for both the scarf and the tiny mittens. Next time. Little short of time, like always 🙂


Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

IMG_1047…It’s a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon today. I was hoping you could see the weather on the windows…It’s cozy, kind of weather I like.

I have sort of been of the grid these past few months, just busy, but I have still been knitting, of course. As a matter of fact I have knitted six pares of mittens, lets be clear though that those six pares were knitted from august 2016 to february 2017, but as usual I forgot to take photos of three of those pares before sending them off with my partners mother to the States. But I have a pattern for one of the mittens I knitted, the others were either just me dooing what ever came to mind or inspired by things I saw on the internet. I made penguin patterned mittens, traditional scandinavian pattern mittens and those can be found in this book:

And you can see that pattern there too but mine were white and gray quite lovely.

The thing is I am knitting down a list of orders made by my partners family members. It’t pretty fun! And so far I have knitted three pare of mittens, a pare of socks, a hat, a baby heartscarf, another pare of socks well that one pare is still in progress, and now I am working on a plum colored scarf the one on the top picture. But here are pictures of some of the things I’ve done so far:

I have manly been using alpakka from Sandes. It’s super soft and cozy. The socks here are made with léttlopi though. I was using left over yarn, for I have plenty of that and I am trying to use it up, making silly yet warm things. I will put in a better photo of the scarf when its ready and the recipie, I half used it from a book I like, but I’ll put all that in in my next blog wich will NOT be after many months to come 🙂

The Holidays and … happy new year!

So the holidays are over. However this Christmas was wonderful and lovely with the perfect Christmas spirit, even if I didn’t spend it with my daughter at my parents house as usual. I guess that at some point, changes will occasionally happen, with or without your acceptance. These changes are not bad, just changes. They often help you see things differently, help you appreciate those around you, those who love you, even more. If that was even possible, you didn’t think it was but then it hits you and your heart grows one number bigger even. Changes like those often mark a milestone in ones life. In my case at least. Those moments you’ll always remember. Bitter sweet even, being so happy and yet longing, there is actually a word in Icelandic that the English is missing, that word is ‘söknuður’ a word that means missing somebody, longing for them and grieving that they are not there all in one little word, and yet I cannot describe it so I’ll stop here.But I wish you all a happy new year and I hope that your holidays were as good as mine 🙂