Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

IMG_1047…It’s a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon today. I was hoping you could see the weather on the windows…It’s cozy, kind of weather I like.

I have sort of been of the grid these past few months, just busy, but I have still been knitting, of course. As a matter of fact I have knitted six pares of mittens, lets be clear though that those six pares were knitted from august 2016 to february 2017, but as usual I forgot to take photos of three of those pares before sending them off with my partners mother to the States. But I have a pattern for one of the mittens I knitted, the others were either just me dooing what ever came to mind or inspired by things I saw on the internet. I made penguin patterned mittens, traditional scandinavian pattern mittens and those can be found in this book:

And you can see that pattern there too but mine were white and gray quite lovely.

The thing is I am knitting down a list of orders made by my partners family members. It’t pretty fun! And so far I have knitted three pare of mittens, a pare of socks, a hat, a baby heartscarf, another pare of socks well that one pare is still in progress, and now I am working on a plum colored scarf the one on the top picture. But here are pictures of some of the things I’ve done so far:

I have manly been using alpakka from Sandes. It’s super soft and cozy. The socks here are made with léttlopi though. I was using left over yarn, for I have plenty of that and I am trying to use it up, making silly yet warm things. I will put in a better photo of the scarf when its ready and the recipie, I half used it from a book I like, but I’ll put all that in in my next blog wich will NOT be after many months to come 🙂


The prospect of something new…


There is certainly a prospect of a new life in the comming weeks and months and this will most likely be the longes post I have ever posted and will ever post. And this is also the reason for my rather non exiting posts lately. I have been occupied with selling and buying houses, applying for jobs and organising the movement of our furniture and stuff to the other end of the country etc.

The reason for all this is that we have a plan to leave the hussle of the city and move to the countrysite. We found a very cute little house only 15 minutes drive from a town in the north part of Iceland, that is it there on the photo. We sold our house here in Reykjavík in order to chase our dream. It’s a dream of beeing more self sufficient, beeing able to be better aware of  what we really want in life, in more harmony with nature and with ourselves.

My partner is now finally going be able to write all the novels that he has harvested through the years and keeps inside his brilliant head. Me, I am going to be working at seniours commuity center, acctually knitting, woodcarving and do crafts all day long with the elderly and giving courses on these things. I cannot belive how lucky I am, it’s almost scary and I am afraid to jinx it somehow, hence my very late post about it. This also meens that I can better concentrate on what I am good at and my intrests, like knitting, drawing, woodcarving, gardening, growing vegetables and almost live the life of an homesteader, which I find very appealing.

The house we bought has two bedrooms, it is 116 square meters and although the size of it fits us well it would be nice to have an extra room, a guestroom. For that, I might have a solution. In the yard there is a fair sizesed shed about 60 sqare meters. And I believe that would be perfect for both a guest room or a studio appartment even, and a workshop for myself. And therefore I am going to have to master the art of DIY. I am capable to do simple things but to build interor walls, plumming, electricity and such might be to much, but you never know unless you give it a go, right, well the plumming and electicity I will leeve to the professionals… perhaps 🙂

I look so forward to my new country life. I just can’t wait, I have been reading up on permaculture and how to build greenhouses with recicled materials and keeping the cost as limited as possible. I have even been looking up the possibilites of windturbines. This Icelandic company, Icewind, has this small and clever design of windturbines, that are just brilliant. It is not huge and high up in the air. You can just put on top of your house or sommerhouse or what ever and it broduces electricity even if the wind is not so strong. This a link to their webside, I incurage anyone interested in that kind of thing to have look:

I was thinking about writing about the process of my new coutrylife, in this blog, or perhaps it would be better to have one just for that but I kind of like my old blog and so even if it would not be just about knitting it might not matter so much, I hope!

Well, I hope your weekend has been lovely, mine was quite  hectic since we just moved our furniture and things inside one of those big boxy containers and it will soon be on its way up to the north with a ship. Now we sleep on a blown up mattress in the living room since it as a multiple purpose as a bed, a sofa and eating place and there is not much else here. Now we wait for the Easter to come and go because that means that we are moving! 🙂



Double knitting

Ever since I knew one could do double knitting I have been curious about how it is done, but never took the time to really look into it and find out…until this week. And guess what, it is not that complicated, at least not as complicated as I had imagined. I wathced a video on Youtube made by ”whiletheyplay” and then I started to make a swatch. As you can see on my pictures I made a mistake there. Always good to make a swatch when learning a new method, for this exact reason 🙂


I finally finished the jumper for my friend in England. Well it’s been a while but I haven’t finished blocking it but now it will soon be shipped of to England. But even better I also did a tiny baby sweater for friends of ours that just had a baby. I only have to put some button in and it’l be ready 🙂 The baby sweater is knittied with alpakka and so soft and perfect for a little baby. I used needles nr. 3. Started with 100 stitches. I started with five roes of garter stich. The sleeves where knitted with stocking needles eight stiches each needle. The Icelandic jumper is knitted with Lopi, plötulopi to precise 🙂

A winter morning, hot chocolate and finished mittens


This is what it looked like when I took a peek out the window this morning, it had started to snow early yesterday evening but now its 40 cm of evenly fallen snow. And what is better than hot chocolate with whipped cream to celebrate such a beautiful Saturday morning 🙂


I finished the mittens finally, and now I can finish some of my other projects, like my boyfriend’s aran, Philippa’s jumper and some Christmas presents:)

Have happy snowy Saturday everyone! 🙂



I have not done much on the mitts, but since I promised to post the drawing of my birds once it was finished. Well here it is, I should perhaps put more work on the leaves but I don’t think I will be giving it to my uncle, simply because it accidentally looks like something that belongs in a children’s book rather then on one of my uncle walls 🙂 So I put my back in to it and did a kind of a painting, my mother likes that more than the drawing, I don’t blame her… but it is always risky to give art. Well if he does not like the painting or the colors in it I can always do something more to his liking.

I took a close up for you to see the texture of the paint. I know the quality of the photos are not so good, I really need a proper camera 🙂 It will be on top of my Christmas present list…The size is 50 cm X 100 cm.