Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

Knitting on Sunday afternoon…

IMG_1047…It’s a rainy and windy Sunday afternoon today. I was hoping you could see the weather on the windows…It’s cozy, kind of weather I like.

I have sort of been of the grid these past few months, just busy, but I have still been knitting, of course. As a matter of fact I have knitted six pares of mittens, lets be clear though that those six pares were knitted from august 2016 to february 2017, but as usual I forgot to take photos of three of those pares before sending them off with my partners mother to the States. But I have a pattern for one of the mittens I knitted, the others were either just me dooing what ever came to mind or inspired by things I saw on the internet. I made penguin patterned mittens, traditional scandinavian pattern mittens and those can be found in this book:

And you can see that pattern there too but mine were white and gray quite lovely.

The thing is I am knitting down a list of orders made by my partners family members. It’t pretty fun! And so far I have knitted three pare of mittens, a pare of socks, a hat, a baby heartscarf, another pare of socks well that one pare is still in progress, and now I am working on a plum colored scarf the one on the top picture. But here are pictures of some of the things I’ve done so far:

I have manly been using alpakka from Sandes. It’s super soft and cozy. The socks here are made with léttlopi though. I was using left over yarn, for I have plenty of that and I am trying to use it up, making silly yet warm things. I will put in a better photo of the scarf when its ready and the recipie, I half used it from a book I like, but I’ll put all that in in my next blog wich will NOT be after many months to come 🙂


Winter’s first snow

It started to snow in the north today, sadly I am not there, happily I am with my parents in the south where its been raining with some refreshing gushes of strong wind. I am here only to visit friends and family I miss, my brother came to meet me to but he also lives in some distance from the city, not as far as me, yet quite far, and so we were all here, only people missing were both my and my brothers partner. But its been wonderfull to say the least 🙂

I managed to finish my niece’s mittens that I wanted to give her for her birthday, blue is her favorite color and so I knitted her blue mittens. It’s fair isle, no particular pattern, like with the other mittens my main goal was to make them as warm as possible. I used alpakka from Sandes, really soft and cozy. I hope she will like them!:)

Hera’s mittens



My partner took some really nice snow fotos, I will put some up soon, hopefully tomorrow since I will be going home tomorrow.

Double knitting

Ever since I knew one could do double knitting I have been curious about how it is done, but never took the time to really look into it and find out…until this week. And guess what, it is not that complicated, at least not as complicated as I had imagined. I wathced a video on Youtube made by ”whiletheyplay” and then I started to make a swatch. As you can see on my pictures I made a mistake there. Always good to make a swatch when learning a new method, for this exact reason 🙂


I finally finished the jumper for my friend in England. Well it’s been a while but I haven’t finished blocking it but now it will soon be shipped of to England. But even better I also did a tiny baby sweater for friends of ours that just had a baby. I only have to put some button in and it’l be ready 🙂 The baby sweater is knittied with alpakka and so soft and perfect for a little baby. I used needles nr. 3. Started with 100 stitches. I started with five roes of garter stich. The sleeves where knitted with stocking needles eight stiches each needle. The Icelandic jumper is knitted with Lopi, plötulopi to precise 🙂

Little progress

Yep very litle progress, but now I am going to do something about this and my goal is to have this jumper finished by the end of the week. I have finished the body, one third of one sleeve. I know there is a lot to be done but I have finished more in less time. And it will help that I am going to my knittingklub next Tuesday and there I intend to make some proper progress.

This jumper is for my friend Philippa in England. I promised her this jumper months ago and I feel really bad about not having finished it yet and so I don’t inted to charge her anything for it since she has had to wait for it for so long! I just don’t think it would not be fair. She has already purchased two of my jumpers and I want to maintain a good relationship with her and so I feel it is the right thing to do 🙂

Sorry there is no picture yet, it will come, it would not be all that exiting anyway it’s still just some black knitted stuff 🙂

I’ll put some pictures of some of my carving just to make the post a litle bit worth it for the eye 🙂

The box was a present for my daughter, my father made the box but I did the carving. My dad is really talented! The other is a picture frame, obviously, but the bird I drew and carved it in the frame. There is a picture of me and my daugher in there that I hold very dear.


I made my first attempt at spinning this week, my boyfriend had given me this really lovely spindle when we where travelling up in north of Iceland, it’s handmade!  And I did not use just any ordinary fleece! I used my dogs hair, I was very exited to try it out. My dog is a Samoyed, you can see him there on one of the photos, and the fur on those dogs are not so unlike alpaca wool. It is double layered and the inner layer is so soft and that is what I used. My first attempt wasn’t really great ehehe, the thread I made has loads of bumps on it but I am sure I just need to practice and then I will get a better hang of it 🙂 I think my boyfriend is not less exited about this as I am because he keeps insisting on me knitting him a Samoyed sweater 🙂 Witch of course I am happy to do but it might just take while for me to get enough thread for a whole jumper 🙂

I’ll keep you posted on my spinning progress 🙂

As for now, the winter has hit us hard this year, you have seen some of my snowy pictures, well that’s nothing 🙂 We have had one storm after the other since those pictures were taken and I have not been able to use the car for a week, it is just trapped in the snow and if you were so lucky as to get the car out on the streets, it would just get stuck there. I can’t tell you how many people I have helped with their stuck cars this week. So I use the bus, which is much better, less stressful and less polluting for sure! 🙂

A winter morning, hot chocolate and finished mittens


This is what it looked like when I took a peek out the window this morning, it had started to snow early yesterday evening but now its 40 cm of evenly fallen snow. And what is better than hot chocolate with whipped cream to celebrate such a beautiful Saturday morning 🙂


I finished the mittens finally, and now I can finish some of my other projects, like my boyfriend’s aran, Philippa’s jumper and some Christmas presents:)

Have happy snowy Saturday everyone! 🙂