My knitting blog


I am a knitter. I have been knitting since I was about four years old, or that is when I first asked my mother to teach me how to. My first proper project was knitted on my doll when I was about seven, an awful grey garter sweater, but I remember feeling very satisfied with myself for what I had accomplished and have been knitting ever since. Sadly I have little proof of my accomplishments for I have not been good with the camera and I tend to give my knitting away as presents, both Christmas and as birthday presents and if one of my friends has a baby, they will get something nice for their newborn.

I have been very active surfing for patterns and knitting ideas and inspiration on line, by doing so I started to want to do my own blog. Writing about my projects both the ones I design myself and the ones designed by others. But given the fact that I have been knitting for all those years and have nothing so show for it I am tempted to document it properly in this little knitting blog of mine.

But although this blog will mainly be about knitting I do know how to crochet, and I draw a little, I can carve into wood and few other things and therefor some of those projects might also be posted on my new blog. Happy happy times! Look so much forward to my blogging.

Kristín 🙂


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