Christmas is coming…

In Iceland we have a word for someone who really loves Christmas. That word is ”Jólabarn”…translates as Christmaschild or to be a Christmaschild. That truly applies to me. Christmas in Iceland is the ultimate family holiday. And our traditions are a bit different but i will tell you more about Icelandic Christmas as it draws closer to my favorite holiday 🙂 But I don’t decorate until the first of december, just my one of my tradition, with one exception though, I make an advent  Christmasthingy (sorry don’t know the word for it) to mark the four Sundays before Christmas.


And here are some more winterpics, they are taken in an old cemetery in Reykjavík. My dog and I like to walk there. It has such lovely trees and its always just so peaceful there. I’ll even put in one of my pup 🙂

Hope your weekend was as lovely as mine! 🙂


A winter morning, hot chocolate and finished mittens


This is what it looked like when I took a peek out the window this morning, it had started to snow early yesterday evening but now its 40 cm of evenly fallen snow. And what is better than hot chocolate with whipped cream to celebrate such a beautiful Saturday morning 🙂


I finished the mittens finally, and now I can finish some of my other projects, like my boyfriend’s aran, Philippa’s jumper and some Christmas presents:)

Have happy snowy Saturday everyone! 🙂

Cowl…still no mitts

No I have not finished the mittens, I noticed I had made a mistake so I have to unravel a bit, but I finished a cowl, it is a Christmas present for one of my best friends. I used the same pattern as was in the long cardigan Skjalmey I posted earlier. It is knitted backwards and forwards. You use two kinds of yarn, one very fine and other a bit more bulkier. And I used knitting needle nr. 5 as in 5 mm. First row is garter stitch the second one you do one purl, take the next loop un-knitted and the thread should be at the back of your slipped loop. This is repeated til the end of row. I hope this makes sence 🙂



I have not done much on the mitts, but since I promised to post the drawing of my birds once it was finished. Well here it is, I should perhaps put more work on the leaves but I don’t think I will be giving it to my uncle, simply because it accidentally looks like something that belongs in a children’s book rather then on one of my uncle walls 🙂 So I put my back in to it and did a kind of a painting, my mother likes that more than the drawing, I don’t blame her… but it is always risky to give art. Well if he does not like the painting or the colors in it I can always do something more to his liking.

I took a close up for you to see the texture of the paint. I know the quality of the photos are not so good, I really need a proper camera 🙂 It will be on top of my Christmas present list…The size is 50 cm X 100 cm.

Update on the mitts…

Still doing the mittens, hopefully I will be able to finish them soon because I have few commissions I need to finish. One made by my friend Philippa in Nottingham, who has two of my Icelandic jumper already but she finds them so comfy that she wants a third one. And then I promised my mother to do her a drawing she can give it to one of her younger brother for his 50th birthday present. If you look closely you can see the beginning of my drawing in the background of the picture of my mittens. I am drawing birds. He has five children so I am drawing a flock of five birds. Each one representing one of his child 🙂

These are the mittens days


Yes, I have begun knitting a new pair of mittens, very typical nordic-pattern with the eight peddle rose, as we call it. It is meant for my boyfriends sister, but I had promised her a pair ages ago since his two other sisters already have a pair, so it only seems fair that she has one too, and now finally I am getting down to making them, I hope she’ll like them.

It is made with ”Kambgarn,” an Icelandic wool-product. The ones I made for my daughter are made with the same yarn. I think it suits very well for making mittens, it’s soft, yet very warm.