Mittens I made years ago

Few years ago when my daughter was little and I was at university, I used to sew and embroider mittens such as these in order to make some little extra cash, and I was able pay for her medical bills for instance. As I have said before, I never was any good with the camera, but luckily my parents took this picture of one of the pair I made before I sold them of. I never used to make them match, but did each mitten different, though with same colors, of course.  It has been a long time since I saw the photo but then my mother was talking about my mittens the other day and reminded me that she had a picture of them. I have to admit that I am pretty grateful that my parents had the good sense and taking that photo, otherwise I would have no proof of them 🙂

And here they are:



My newest, sweater for Hekla, my daughter

This particular sweater was inspired by a sweater I saw on Pintrest and since my daughter, age 14, needed one and really liked the one I showed her on Pintrest I decided I would design a similar one for her, as there wasn’t any pattern with the photo. It is sort of a mixture of the leaf-ish pattern I saw and admired on the picture on Pintrest and the traditional Icelandic sweater, and giving that I am Icelandic and have knitting tons of those, it sort of came by it self.