Winter’s first snow

It started to snow in the north today, sadly I am not there, happily I am with my parents in the south where its been raining with some refreshing gushes of strong wind. I am here only to visit friends and family I miss, my brother came to meet me to but he also lives in some distance from the city, not as far as me, yet quite far, and so we were all here, only people missing were both my and my brothers partner. But its been wonderfull to say the least 🙂

I managed to finish my niece’s mittens that I wanted to give her for her birthday, blue is her favorite color and so I knitted her blue mittens. It’s fair isle, no particular pattern, like with the other mittens my main goal was to make them as warm as possible. I used alpakka from Sandes, really soft and cozy. I hope she will like them!:)

Hera’s mittens



My partner took some really nice snow fotos, I will put some up soon, hopefully tomorrow since I will be going home tomorrow.

happyhappy fall

happyhappy fall

The fall has reached Iceland as it has many other countries with all its brilliant colors and me finally finding the time to start posting again. I have knitted this summer. Not much though as we have had so much to do around the house and in the garden. My parents came to help us finish fixing the porch and the roof and the windows and things previous owners had left for us… and than we have had to scrape the paint of the cladding of the house since former owners used oil base and painted acrylic paint on that, not the best of ideas, but it will look so much better once we have finished and done it right. We have not been able to finish painting the house yet, the weather has not permitted so. And therefore we might not be able to do it until next spring, but when it is finished it will be just lovely! 🙂

We have done lots in the garden. Taken down trees, planted trees, planted vegetables and berries and  tasted some of the crops. It always tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself, without any pesticides or preservatives.

As far as knitting goes I have not been very productive. Just recently I have knitted two pair of socks and two pairs of mittens, and one pair on the needles as we speak. The socks I made for my daughter with leftover yarn of léttlopi therefor they are striped and not exactly a like. The mittens are made with alpakka wool from Sandes. The patterns I made as I went. I only thought of making them fair isle so they would be warm and cosy.

Here is litle glimplse of house scraping, cropps, knits and and a pretty nice yard spring and fall…happy fall everyone! 🙂